Harmony and Discourse

Poster for Harmony and Discourse

Join our community’s most influential political and judicial leaders for a panel discussion on the importance of finding Harmony through Discourse to create a Central Florida that uplifts all people.

Moderated by Terrance Hunter of Central Florida Community Arts, this panel will include:

Anna Eskamani (Florida House of Representatives)
Carlos Guillermo Smith (Candidate for Florida Senate)
Chevalier Lovett (Florida Rising)
Clerk Tiffany Russell (Orange County Clerk of Courts).

Hosted in the courtroom at the Orange County Regional History Center, this discussion promises to be both thought-provoking and inspiring. The afternoon will conclude with an opportunity for audience Q & A with the panel and leadership team from Central Florida Vocal Arts.

Sunday, March 10
Orange County Regional History Center

Presented in partnership with Alterity Orchestra and the Timucua Arts Foundation, with generous support from Lawrence Haber and Davey Jay.

Attendees will receive a discount code to Scalia/Ginsburg as a thank you gift.


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